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URBAN AUDIO investigated the inner-city street traffic of the German State Capital Cities in relation to its musical and compositorial potential.

For this purpose, special instruments have been designed that transform traffic noise to musical tunes.

A Mercedes-Benz van has been facilitated with a mobile recording studio 8 instruments, each tuned to one tone of the D-major scale.

In each city, one hour of musical transformation has been recorded on one inner-city traffic hot-spot.

The instruments were placed in the area of an intersection. When a car passed by one of the instruments, the contained strings resonated. The string-vibrations were picked up and transfered to the recording studio via radio-transmission.

By the interplay of the single instruments, influenced by the structure of the traffic situation, a composition was created. The traffic participants became musicians in a symphony that was recorded and live replayed on headphones at the van.

The recordings are published on this website.

award-winning project:  live2011 GRAND PRIX digital Turku

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