URBAN AUDIO Mobile Studio


The audio-signal of the instruments is transmitted to the recording studio via radio transmission. This guarantees a wide operative area of the instruments.


The 16ft-Overhead-Camera to film the traffic action. The video is synchronized to the recorded audio.

recording studio

The recording studio consists of the necessary equipment for video and audio recordings. Further there are headphones for visitors to listen live to the sonic transformations.

1   radio transmission  (receivers)

2   8-track audio interface

3   mixer

4   computer to process audio

5   amplifier

6   monitoring speakers

7   computer to process video

8   energy supply


The 8 instruments are stored in a rack in the back of the van. For an operation they can each be taken out and placed in a radius of about 160 ft around the van (radius of the radio transmission).


operation site safety

The van is supplied with various safety equipment to safeguard the operation site


To allow operating with bad weather conditions, the van is equipped with a tent, that can be put up if necessary.